Monday, February 23, 2009

Lust and Must Monday

Welcome to the first installment of one of my new blog segments! I am the ultimate "look for less" shopper and so have decided to bring to you lovely LUSTY high end items, and their fabulous, high performing, more economical MUST have counter parts every Monday!

Spring is fastly approaching and with that means less clothing and more skin. I don't know about you, but my skin is in less then bare worthy shape at the moment, so I was inspired to find a remedy for that this week.
Winter brings with it a lot more then sub zero temps and snowflakes. It can do a major drying number on your skin, not to mention your hair and nails. But have no fear! Today's Lust and Must products will have your skin in tip top bare worthy shape in no time!

Dead cells are the culprit to dry lifeless skin. Using a gentle exfoliator like one of these sugar scrubs weekly, will help you to slough away dulling debris and uncover new, vibrant, and silky smooth skin.

Diana B Peach Frangipani Flower Sugar Scrub - $50
Haunt milk & nectar Sugar Polish - $11

Polishing away dead skin cells is only the first step! You must keep your hydration levels up in order to help preserve that glamorous new glow! Applying one of these luxurious body butters right after a shower will help seal in much needed moisture.

LUST Kai Body Butter- $60
MUST Swan Mountain Mayan Gold Body Butter - $15

Stay tuned to tomorrow's new segment, Beauty Tips Tuesday, where I offer up advice on how to combat dry winter hair and cracked brittle nails!

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