Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beauty Tips Tuesday - Spring Must Haves!

For today's Beauty Tip I bring to you my top Must Haves for Spring! These versatile accessory pieces can breathe new life into last year's warm weather wardrobe basics, and they won't break the bank!
Denim jackets are a classic and they never go out of style. Chances are you already own one and it is time to dig it out! They are the perfect transitional piece to get you through the cooler days of Spring, and denim is the ultimate neutral that can be worn with just about anything in your closet.
If you have already tossed yours out, or your jacket somehow fell victim to any sort of bedazzled, bejeweled, bead attack, let it now be junk. You can pick yourself up a new one with little impact on your pocket. I like this one from Eddie Bauer for $59.50.

These aviator style sunglasses from ALDO are the perfect accessory at the perfect price! At just $12.00 a pair, it makes keeping up with the trend more affordable then ever!

I love a great scarf! In my opinion they are the ultimate accessory piece because of their versatility. I am never caught without one while traveling! One really great scarf can be used so many different ways; as a cover up at the beach, a blanket on a plane, a shawl when it's chilly, a casual skirt on vacation, a head wrap, a nursing cover, and in a pinch (and if water compatible), a towel. A scarf can also add a serious punch of color and can instantly pull together an outfit. I found these lovely scarves at Nordstrom for $32.50 ea, but scarves can be found just about anywhere in all price ranges. Just take a look around!

A great tote in a vibrant color will not only hold all your Spring essentials, but add a visual punch to your ensemble as well. Like I said before, the right accessories can really update clothes you already own, saving you time/effort and most importantly, money! I love the color of this bag and in my opinion is the perfect size. Not keen on the hue? It comes in many juicy colors and is handmade. It can be purchased at bayan hippo for $32.

After a long drying winter, lips will likely be a bit chapped and in need of hydration. Spring is about renewal and so is this lovely lip treatment by Fresh. Chalked full of antioxidants, reparative oils, and delectable real sugar, this treatment will get your lips back in shape in no time. Not to mention it contains an SPF 15, so that combined with the antioxidants will protect your luscious pout from further damage. Just remember it is a treatment and not a chapstick and reflects that in the price. It costs $22.50, but I feel it is a worthy investment for those struggling with chronic winter dryness!

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Anonymous said...

My scarf came in real handy while I was on the plane--I never realized it was so long until I used it as a blanket a couple times. Then when I got over everyone saying "You're in FLORIDA! You don't need long sleeves!" I added my scarf to my evening wear because I was cold, dammit! I don't care what state I'm in! haha