Thursday, March 5, 2009

Goodies from the Postman!

O.K. well not really from my Postman. But he did have a hand in making sure the package made it safely to my door, so some credit should be given, (even though I have yet to get that dude to crack a smile). As far as the contents of that package, it contained a screen printed tea towel that I was so lucky to have WON from a contest that I had entered on fellow Etsian Cristina's blog. I must say that this towel is Superfabulous! Not only does it look amazing in my "martini olive" green kitchen, but I love that they leave my glasses lint free. And yes we hand dry in this house because get this . . . we don't have a dish washer! Ho hum. The tea towel is crafted by the ever so talented (musically too, just check out her website, she has videos and everything), of The Heated. I must tell you that I am so very impressed with the quality of her work, and after reading her blog, much enjoy the cheekiness of her wit!

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