Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peddler's Podium - Waste Not Saks

Forget disposable plastic wrap and Ziploc baggies! A mother of two, part time pediatrician, and
founder of Waste Not Saks, brings to us reusable, stylish, Eco conscious food storage options, that make toting snacks and packing lunches easy. From deli wraps and cup cozies, to snack and sandwich bags, Waste Not Saks has definitely got you covered! But it doesn't stop there! Not only does using reusable pouches help reduce our landfill contributions, but these foodie accessories were handmade with great care. A water resistant nylon lining keeps nasty chemicals away from your food (unlike plastic baggies!), and they are exceptionally fabulous to look at (which makes them both fun and functional)! Show Mother Earth some love and treat yourself today

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