Saturday, May 16, 2009

And so it is...

I know I haven't been consistent with my blog the last two weeks and appreciate you hanging with me. Things have been so crazy busy all of a sudden and I decided I should tend to some family business before Summer really gets underway. School is out in a mere 3 weeks, so I have been busily planning out the children's summer schedules in hopes that I will successfully achieve that oh so fine work-life balance.

A couple Spring cleaning projects are being wrapped up and a few maintenance projects have gotten underway. I was so happy to finally get flowers planted in my urns yesterday and uprooted all of the dandelions in the yard. I got the backyard mowed, weeded the flower beds, and picked up the million little sticks that shook loose from the overhanging trees. We have decided to try our hand at gardening this year and so are also in the process of plotting out a 4X8 spot for some yummy produce and a 3X3 spot for herbs. Any great gardeners out there? I could seriously use a few pointers!

In addition to all of that, I have been working on tweaking my blog format and am really excited to put the changes in place. It will include an expanded Peddler's Podium spot with specials/sales, reader promotions/giveaways, and a revised Lust and Must Monday. So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Check out my husband's blog at He's an amateur gardener, but has grown some great veggies and fruit. We've had some fresh and delicious additions to our dinner table.

whit said...

Ok, you are a wiz at the blog techno. I have gardens every year but this year am doing tons of veggies - let's hope they work.

♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

Veggies are for sure on the list! We are planting this weekend so I need to hurry up and decide. We are big into stir fries and fresh salsa, so we are thinking bell peppers, red onions, sugar snap peas, and some sort of squash. I am a huge fan of cauliflower and love a mixed green salad, but an a little afraid I am not going to know what to pick when. Just my luck I would serve up a bowl of weeds LOL!

Thanks for tip about your husband's blog Marbella, unfortunately I am having trouble finding it :(