Monday, May 25, 2009

Lust and Must Monday

Must Have!

In three words: handmade, customizable, Eco friendly

I am seriously in L O V E with these Mohop sandals! They are an amazing concept of a shoe that is a fashion must for shoe lovers and creative ones alike! They are individually made to order of earth friendly materials and provide style possibilities that are only limited to the wearer's creativity. This is because the sandals are essentially wooden soles that tie on with interchangeable ribbon. Change the tie configuration/change the ribbon, and you have yourself a brand new pair of shoes! They come in 3 different types of wood (color options), 3 heel heights, 3 toe shapes, and include 5 ribbon sets (of your choice) to get you started. Check out their gallery here to get an idea of styling options, and go here to order.

Lusty Coordinates

1. Amanda Archer dress 2. Spongetta handbag 3. ipanema vintage scarf

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Anonymous said...

I've seen those. Totally cool!