Monday, June 15, 2009

Lust and Must Monday

Must Have!

So my husband has it in his head that we need to become a family of leisurely bikers. With Rhiannon verbalizing her readiness to trade in her Big Wheel for a "big girl bike" and Ryan's want of extending his boundary past the four corners of our block, I think that the timing is just about right. Minneapolis is ranked really high for biker friendliness and we live in an area where we are spitting distance from multiple parks and lakes that all provide excellent biking trails. And though I haven't been on a bike pretty much since I got my driver's license (though my bike got extensive use prior, and I still have it!), after seeing this adorable bike basket from Huset, it has provided me with some major motivation to dust off that old bike and take it for a spin! Not only is this basket the cutest bike accessory ever, but it converts to a shopping basket in a snap, making it mandatory that you hang up your keys and bike to your local farmer's market!

Lusty Coordinated Finds

1. Old Future Industries valve caps 2. Linkel Designs necklace 3. Saint Chicago tee


Christy said...

I have been coveting that basket from the container store for ages and had no idea it could go on my bike. I've been thinking of adding a basket and now I think tomorrow I'll have to go buy it! Thank you so much for posting on this. I just clicked on your site from we chirp.

Are you welsh? My husband is and we almost named our daughter Rhiannon - it's a welsh name!

Glad to have stumbled over here today!

♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

Thanks for stopping in! My husband and I are fans of Fleetwood Mac and both adore the name. Unfortunately, due to current pop culture, many people insist on calling her Rhianna :( Oh well...