Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time Wasters Wednesday - Flower Fairies

It is rainy here in Minneapolis today and my lawn is finally looking green and my garden super lush. Unfortunately, my kids are going a bit stir crazy being cooped up inside, so I spent the morning searching the web for fun indoor activities to engage them, and stumbled upon this absolutely d r e a m y work of art by Elsa Mora. Created entirely of plant parts, I am just mesmerized by its fairy like beauty. I am completely inspired, and though this won't be a fitting project for today, I will never look at a fallen petal the same. I could see our nature hikes turning into gathering adventures that could fuel some pretty amazing creativeness. Maybe we will start with some handmade cards.

Elsita's "flower girls" inspired a book she recently published called Flower Buddies. It can be seen here.


cabin + cub said...

how cute.. that would be a great kids project. and i guess you could press and dry them?

Toni said...

That is awesome!