Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cupcakes need no introduction ♥

So baking really isn't a talent I possess but one I am trying to work on this year. Everyone needs something to work on right? I figure baking ought to be one of mine for 2 reasons.

1.) I really really like cupcakes. I like cake too, but everything always seems cuter in mini form and cupcakes are like built in portion control.

2.) I own a bunch of Wilton's decorating stuff (icing bags, tips, food color, etc) that I really want to use. Unfortunately all the action these babies have seen is in piping my deviled eggs.

I know exactly what my problem is. It's not the inability to follow a recipe, (I can cook and usually just wing it with a fair amount of success). It all comes down to one thing. Set it and forget it! I for some reason don't think I need to use a timer when baking, and then I literally forget about it until my nose reminds me.

Today I took a stab at it. It was too cold to really do anything and it is always nice to turn on the oven and warm up the kitchen, so my 4 yr old daughter Rhiannon and I made some cupcakes. I cheated and made them from a box, but again. . .we are working on my timing skills here remember? I was at the store and saw a new reduced sugar cake mix from Pillsbury with reduced sugar frosting too. It is half sweetened with Splenda and I am a Splenda fan so I thought what the hey. I will most definitely pass on it next time. The cake itself wasn't so bad, but the frosting texture was a bit off. I guess it was too smooth and heavy or something. Not the light and airy texture I have come to expect from frosting in a tub. Anyway, I am happy to report that I used a timer and successfully pulled them out before they reached the hockey puck stage. After tinting the frosting to the perfect shade of "fairytale pink" (as Rhiannon calls it) and adding a sprinkle of coconut, Rhiannon turned to me and said "Mama, these cupcakes are pretty awesome". So cute coming from her little mouth. I guess her opinion is all that really matters ♥

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