Thursday, February 5, 2009

Diamond Glaze where art thou?

So I ordered a free sample of Judikins Diamond Glaze well over a month ago and . . . and . . . nothing! I am bummed :( I'm not so broken up about losing my .62 cents in postage, I'm just bummed because I wanted to try it on my card guard project I was hoping to launch in time for Valentine's. I haven't found an adhesive/sealant that I have been 100% happy with yet and I thought maybe this glaze would do the trick. I would have just picked up a bottle online, but as I am sure many of you know, Judikins recently had a recall which has made it an increasingly difficult product to come by in the last month (at least at a reasonable price). So my card guards hit the back burner again. Hopefully I can find a different solution before Father's Day.

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