Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm such a sucker for creative packaging!

I swear I would buy toilet water if it was all wrapped up in cutified goodness! OK, maybe not buy, because I actually have really good self restraint,(unless it's fabric), but I will ogle and gaze all dreamy like. It is an ongoing joke between my husband and I about how easily I am distracted by shiny baubles and glitzy marketing campaigns. I used to fight him on his initial accusation, but there have been a few too many instances now for me to deny it. Like the times when I meet him for lunch at his office,(downtown Minneapolis), and we briskly walk through the labyrinth of people and city streets to make our way to any number of our favorite lunching spots, only to have me randomly stop on a dime to check out a window display that has caught my eye,(all the while dropping our conversation in mid sentence, and nearly yanking him off his feet lol!)

So I was quite excited as I am sure you can imagine, to find my latest Etsy goodies so charmingly packaged. I was really surprised my items were so lovingly put together, as it was just a supply order and I wasn't expecting any creativity what so ever on the packaging front. Well Kirsten and Darcy from Three Dancing Magpie Supply out did themselves! I was so impressed I just had to take a picture to share.

I have ordered a few supplies off of Etsy before and they only ever arrived plainly stashed in an envelope like all the other supplies I have ever ordered. I never thought much of it because well . . . they were supplies. But when I opened up this package, my heart skipped a beat! I thought the little drawstring bags that held my buttons were just ridiculously delightful and their logo stickers are so cute! And though not pictured,(because I tore into them right away), they even took the time to wrap up the rare earth magnets I ordered in hot pink tissue paper and fabric scraps. See that adorable little tin? That is the free sample of bails they sent me! I don't know about you, but little things like that keep me coming back. And I must mention their customer service, because it is second to none. For those of you that don't already know, I have a background in retail management, and understand that really good and reliable customer service is often hard to find. I had convoed a few special requests,(not holding my breath that they would be accommodated), and they were all met without hesitation! Their communication is superb, their shipping was lightning fast, and my expectations were exceeded. I obviously highly recommend them to all my friends and readers!

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Cathy from Wire and Wool said...

Oh, I am too! I've been know to buy something just for the packaging! But you're right, so cute and clever. I'll need to go check right now! Thanks for the info!