Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time Wasters Wednesday - What's your decorating style?

I am not exactly sure how or even when I stumbled upon this nifty site, because sometime a million years ago, (or maybe it was last week), I bookmarked this page to come back to later when I had more time. (Like I must do 50 times a day.) Luckily my husband has noticed my bookmarking habit, and being the computer whiz that he is, has helped safeguard my beloved bookmarks by saving them to a master file in the event of a computer meltdown.

So in my latest attempts to bring some sort of order to my failed attempt at order, I once again got side tracked by all the lovely links and rediscovered the SPROOST website. They offer a quiz that allows you to learn about your decorating preferences by rating rooms on a scale of "Love it" down to "Hate it". I took it a few times because I found it hard to not rate the rooms based on the their architectural attributes. My verdict?

40% French Eclectic 40% Nantucket Style 20% Vintage Modern

I find these results very intriguing but not terribly surprising. I wish I could say I decorate my home in this fashion, but when you have kids . . . it's all about inexpensive, stain resistant, comfort. And it's about trying to create an environment that your significant other can be happy living in too. I am lucky that my husband is pretty laid back. I think his only decorating rule was that there be no "Precious Moments" figurines adorning any corners of this house . . . EVER.
I certainly couldn't agree more :)

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