Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peddler's Podium - Julie Meyer

I bought these fancy shmancy gloves as a gift for my mother from fellow Minnesota Etsy seller Julie Meyer. I thought they would be just perfect for her as a self employed Cleaning Lady. Somebody has got to do the dirty work, and as a woman who has been doing it successfully for over 15 years, she has experienced her fair share of dry chapped hands. I am guessing she is going to love these! I am also betting she has never seen cleaning accessories quite this cutified since the apron I made her last year, so I am very excited to give them to her this weekend. But don't think these gloves stop when the housework ends. With all the upcoming gardening work to be done, you just might want to pick yourself up an extra pair. Nothing screams manicure meltdown like unprotected hands, and with the soft flocked lining and high durability of these gloves, they should find a home in your tool shed too. If you want to pick yourself up a pair, you can purchase them in Julie's store here. She also carries other adorable oilcloth loveliness, like her reusable Snack-in-Style and Lunch-in-Style bags. They just scream Spring and make "brown bagging it"
fashionable! Not to mention they make a fabulous gift and are perfectly Eco friendly! Who doesn't want to be apart of that?

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