Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beauty Tips Tuesday - Pout Perfect Sugar Scrub

Leave behind peeling chapped lips and uncover ridiculous softness with a simple scrub made just for your lips! You could spend a pretty penny on this equally lovely product that I previously recommended, or you can whip up your own with just a few ingredients you most likely already have on hand.

DIY Pout Perfect Sugar Scrub (or whatever you want to call it!)

2 tsp. granulated white or brown sugar
1 tsp. olive, jojoba,sweet almond, or grape seed oil

Mix to a paste type texture and apply to lips. Using your finger, gently rub in a circular motion to loosen flakes. Remove any excess with a tissue or a warm damp washcloth (what I use). Follow up with an application of your favorite hydrating SPF lip balm to seal in moisture and protect newly revealed skin.

This recipe is very basic and liberties can be taken to dress up your concoction if you so desire. You can substitute honey(natural antibacterial), for the oil, baking soda for the exfoliant, and add essential oils to your hearts content. Try a few drops of cinnamon oil to help plump (it acts as an irritant that will increase blood circulation to the lips and temporarily plump), lavender oil (calms and soothes), lemon/orange/grapefruit oils (yum!), and rose oil (antioxidant). If you have a little jar, you can store any extra and stash it in your meds cabinet so it is always on hand!

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Anonymous said...

I love brown sugar in scrubs. I'll have to try this one for my lips, thanks for sharing!