Friday, May 29, 2009

Miss Ruby Sue Giveaway - Wrist Candy!

Bracelet meets corsage... Utter
F A B U L O U S N E S S! Made by Lori from Miss Ruby Sue, this wrist couture is just one of many designs in her collection that will leave you wondering why you don't already own one! Remedy that quick and head on over to my girls at We Chirp and enter yourself in their giveaway and see if you can snag one for yourself for FREE!

Fabulous Coordinating Finds

1. Morelle leather clutch 2. evilneedles little black dress 3. Erin Jade vintage pumps


City Chic said...

I adore her creations! That would be so fun to win!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that looks pretty. I'm on my way over to check out the giveway. Thanks for the post

we chirp said...

hey linz - thanks for the blog love. quick heads up - come back and put your additional entries in separate comments so you have extra chances to win!