Monday, June 1, 2009

Lust and Must Mondsay

Must Have!

Since vowing to break my Coke Zero addiction (it has been almost a month people!), I have had to seek out other forms of caffeine in order to keep my headaches under control. I've primarily been leaning on coffee these last few weeks, but am trying to reintroduce myself to tea (and it's decaffeinated sister), and have been thinking that I might be more encouraged if I had a cute little pot to brew it in. I found this polka dot beauty on Amazon for a steal price of $20! I not only adore the spotted pot, but think that the box it comes packaged in is the icing on the cake! And speaking of cake, what bride to be wouldn't love this? T E A for T W O?

Lusty Coordinates
1. Chrissy Ann Ceramics tea bag rest 2. Lucky Buns Biscotti 3. Skylark Dawn apron

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