Monday, June 22, 2009

Lust and Must Monday

Must Have!

Even though it is the epitome of Summer outside (91 degrees, full sun, and humid), we just got off of a kick of rain and drear. I scrambled to find indoor activities to entertain my brood last week and it didn't even occur to me to take the kids outside, even though I really enjoy walking out in the rain. There is almost always a sweetly clean smell to the air and it usually brings with it a refreshing coolness, not to mention I get to wear my wellies! So next time it rains, I will be taking advantage of the weather and hauling the kids outside to enjoy it with me, and definitely upgrading my plain black "stash in the car in case of emergency" umbrella, for this adorable show stopper from Target!

Lusty Coordinates
1. Shaded Memories print 2. Lychee Kiss necklace 3. Ali Design printable stationary


ShadedMemories said...

Lindsay, thank you so,so much for featuring my print in your lovely blog! Debbie :o)

whit said...

Love love love that umbrella! Must have it!!!

Valerie said...

That umbrella is simply darling!