Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beauty Tips Tuesday - Breakouts Bumming You Out?

We all know how much of a bummer it is to be plagued with an occasional breakout, but how totally frustrating when you struggle with it on a daily basis! Believe it or not, many persistent bouts of acne are exacerbated by common things like phones, pillow cases, and dirty make up brushes. They all can harbor insane amounts of bacteria, (not to mention styling products, make up residue, and oils from your face), and they are items we generally use everyday.
Touching your face with your hands can be a huge culprit too. Just think of all the things your hands come in contact with! By touching your face needlessly, you are inviting pore clogging bacteria to wreak havoc on your skin.
So make sure to wipe down your cell phone, (I like to use those handy little wipes made to clean computer monitors), change your pillow case often, (if you have a bad case of acne, use ea. side of your pillow once and then change), make sure to avoid touching your face (this includes picking/popping!), and wash your make up brushes often (click here for a how-to).

Like the cell phone b l i n g ? The photo is courtesy of Crystal Icing, and their site can be checked out here.
Coordinated Finds
1. Paper Biscuit cell pouch 2. The Glass Chef cupcake charm
Cucio cell case 4. Candy Bead purse charm

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